Ayurveda Therapy / Ayurveda Consultant Course – (2 Week) - 70 Hrs.

Package Cost – US$ 550 /-

(includes teaching and training, certificate, accommodation, meals)

(Certificate will be provided after successful completion of course)

Qualification – yoga teacher, naturopath, lifestyle consultants, ayurvedapractioner, reiki Healer, pranic healer, osteopath, chiropractor, ayurveda doctor

Period – 5 hrs per day (includes theory and practical classes)

Dates Theory (10.30 to 12.00) Practical (3.30 to 5.30)
Day 1 Ayurveda history Ayurveda head massage Demo - Ayurveda head Massage and practice
Day 2 Ayurveda Basic principles, Tridosha theory abhaynga Demo – Ayurveda head massage and practice
Day 3 Surface anatomy Prakriti evaluation Demo - Abhaynaga (whole body oil massage and practice)
Day 4 Ayurveda herbs in daily life (kichen herbs) Ayurveda oils Demo - Abhaynaga (whole body massage and practice)
Day 5 Ayurveda way lifestyle, food intake Nasyam, karma pooran Demo - Face massage, Nasyam (nasal treatments), karnapooran (ear treatment)
Day 6 Food intake, Patrapinda treatment Demo - Patrapindaswedana (bundle heat massage) Abhayanga (ayurvedic massage practice)
Day 7 One day off Rest
Day 8 marma explanations marma therapy
Day 9 herbs garden visit/herbs identify Marma therapy
Day 10 making Ayurvedic food self massage
Day 11 pulse exam/diagnosis in Ayurvda shirodhara
Day 12 traditional therapy- stress/obese netratarpana
Day 13 Panchakarma / detoxification katibasti/hridayabasti
Day 14 question/answer/examination certificate award